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If you love food but hate exercising, there’s an easy hypnotherapy treatment that will make a difference…



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  1. S.J. NHS Worker

    “I owe Mr Newton an enormous debt of gratitude because without his professionalism, expertise, compassion and care I would not have been able to find my way back to health and happiness. As a clinician who has worked in the NHS for over 30 years, I can honestly say that I have yet to meet anyone who can demonstrate Andrew’s exceptional listening and communication skills.”

  2. G.C.

    “I saw you in August last year and just wanted to say “thank you!!”
    I have lost a substantial amount of weight and feel like I have full control. In the past I would lose weight, get to the “finish line” and feel like I’d lost something or couldn’t cope mentally. I was always masking my emotions with food and couldn’t work out how to overcome this. I honestly though I would never lose my weight being older and was ready to give up. Your program is so empowering and makes me realise how ridiculous the weight loss industry is in general and how they prey on people’s insecurities to make money (and your program is the exact opposite!!)”

  3. Andrew

    The desire to eat is unconscious, and the unconscious is where it must be addressed, getting you to make better decisions about food. The ‘virtual gastric band’ will help you feel fuller and more satisfied quicker – without making any major sacrifices – easily and effortlessly!

  4. M.C.

    “I am delighted with how the weight loss is going and in the past 3 weeks since I saw you I have lost 10lbs! I am absolutely amazed as to how easy it has been.”

  5. C.G.

    “Just wanted to tell you how wonderful I feel after my session with you – who would have thought that 3 hour session with you has made me feel the best I’ve ever felt in a very long time plus I’ve lost weight!!”

  6. Andrew

    The Virtual Gastric Band will help you achieve your goals – no starvation diet, no calorie counting, just a natural way of putting you in tune with what your body really needs, helping you steadily lose unwanted fat by making you feel fuller, quicker.

  7. C.M.

    “I have not been bingeing or comfort eating. I have not eaten anything with gluten, wheat or sugar in it and have been eating 3 small meals a day and not attempting to eat more. I have been walking every day and really enjoying it. I do feel a lot happier in myself and with life. Thank you so much Andrew!!”

  8. Andrew

    Obesity is usually a psychological rather than a physical issue. Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis works on an unconscious level and the treatment involves a combination of proven, psychological approaches and therapies, each underlined by the other, resulting in successful and permanent weight loss. Hypnosis is 100% safe and works by unconsciously changing habits and modifying attitudes for healthy weight loss.

  9. C.W.

    “Just thought I would drop you a quick catch up to say thank you so much and to let you know that I am doing really really well. I have completely cut sugar from my diet, as well as fizzy [drinks] and alcohol. Im also eating healthy options only. I exercise every day. So it’s going great. I hit 10kg down yesterday and i am feeling fantastic. So thank you so much i am definitely on the right path, thanks to you.”

  10. Andrew

    Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis has a 95% success rate and is the world’s most successful, tried and tested weight loss treatment, while the real surgery has a long term success rate of less than 50%, because surgery doesn’t change the way you think and feel about food! It changes the way you think and feel about food and feel about yourself — making it easy to make healthier food choices. The session sets easily achievable goals – you just watch the kgs fall away.

  11. S.J.

    “Just a quick email to let you know I feel soooooo much better… Haven’t felt like anything sweet since our session and my evenings watching Netflix are chocolate free without even a thought. I haven’t weighed myself but then I don’t really feel I need to. I don’t feel tight or uncomfortable. I just feel… better So thank you.”

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