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Best evidence yet that hypnotised people aren't faking it

New Scientist​

Is Hypnosis Real? Here's What Science Says

TIME Magazine Health​

August 29, 2018

Neuroscience gets serious about hypnosis

Nature Reviews Neuroscience​

Hypnosis and the Brain

Scientific American​



no degree required

Odyssey Magazine

April 2016
Protectionism and vested interest doesn’t rule the roost when it comes to self-improvement, though sometimes they try. Renowned hypnosis expert Andrew Newton reports.

​Could hypnosis change your life?

Men's Heath Magazine

“…my editor tasked me with finding out whether hypnotism has firsthand legitimacy. Visit the lot, he said, from private practitioner to TV conjurer, and find out whether there’s anything in it. And that is how I found myself visiting four hypnotherapists over the course of eight weeks in an attempt to cure my own particular complaint: glossophobia… the fear of public speaking…
Only Andrew newton was successful.”

How I Healed Myself by Healing Others

Odyssey Holistic Lifestyle Magazine, South Africa

June 2005
​or How I learned to stop thinking about myself and started to think about other people for a change…