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“I have 43 years experience in all areas of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I know what works and what doesn’t, so I get straight to the point without wasting time on outdated thinking. I also teach in a way that’s easy to understand and put into practice”

Fees on application – discounts available for 2 or more people.

  • Senior Lecturer in Hypnosis at Hypnoseakademiet, Norway, Europe’s leading Hypnosis and EFT training school, a position he has held since 2008;
  • International Reputation as one of the world’s leading authorities on hypnosis with 43 years of experience;
  • Member of The Royal Society of Medicine;
  • Taught Paul McKenna and Igor Ledochowski and more than two hundred hypnotherapists worldwide;
  • Seen Worldwide: Hypnotised 62,000 people and over 6000 public and TV appearances worldwide;
  • Worked in Clinical Therapy in Harley Street, London specialising in the treatment of deep trauma, emotional problems, anxiety, grief and loss, achieving positive results in just one session of hypnotherapy;
  • Regular speaker at Psychology Conferences in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. He regularly lectures to psychology students on Hypnosis, Suggestion, and Group behaviour;
  • In 2014, Andrew was invited by the City of Melbourne, Australia, to make four groundbreaking films about changing perception using hypnosis;
  • In 2015, he accepted a 12-week invitation to teach hypnosis at Indian Universities in New Delhi, Jodphur, Vadodara and Goa;
  • Andrew Newton is the author of 36 books and over a hundred articles on psychology and hypnosis. His book, All in the Mind – Hypnosis, Suggestion, and the New Mesmerists is regarded as the most accurate exposition of the complementary therapy industry.  

​Advanced Training in Hypnosis

  • One-to-one training ensures you get my full attention and can be tailored to specific requirements.
  • Training takes place in person over two intensive days or 7 separate modules online via Zoom.
  • Course fees include training notes and free access to Scripts for Hypnotherapists, Recordings and eBooks.
  • Certificate provided at the end of the course ‘Trained by Andrew Newton.’


An Introduction to Hypnosis

  • A brief history of hypnosis to the present day;
  • The human brain – the most complex structure in the universe is where it all happens;
  • Language – using the right words and phrases;
  • Authority and hierarchy – the human survival strategy;

The Psychology of Hypnosis – How it Works

  • The power of suggestion – its influence on individuals and groups;
  • The placebo effect – how it affects human behaviour;
  • The importance of expectation;
  • Working with the imagination;
  • Hypnosis and memory;

Basic Techniques of Hypnosis

  • Suggestibility tests;
  • The process of hypnosis;
  • The eye-closure Induction – a guaranteed technique for inducing hypnosis;
  • Key phrases;
  • Pacing and following;
  • Convincers and deepeners – taking the subject further into hypnosis;
  • Recognising hypnosis – tell-tale physical signs;
  • Techniques for therapeutic practice;

Your First Therapy Session

  • Explaining Hypnosis to the Client – the importance of preparation and reassurance;
  • Client history – the easy way to conduct an initial investigation;
  • Goals & outcomes – identifying what the client expects from the session;
  • Identifying causes – how to break through barriers and help clients move forward;
  • Effecting rapid change;

Strategies for Running a Successful Practice

  • How to give public talks, taster sessions and public demonstrations;
  • Andrew’s tried and tested business plan – how to recover the full cost of this course in just one week;

Self Hypnosis and Autosuggestion

  • Using self-hypnosis to benefit yourself;
  • Teaching self-hypnosis;
  • Applications of self-hypnosis;

Advanced Hypnosis

  • Dealing with difficult or uncooperative subjects;
  • How to turn suggestibility tests into inductions and increase your success rate;
  • Sleep and its role in problem-solving and learning;
  • Music in therapy;
  • Illustrative case histories;
  • Regression – three rapid & effective ways;

Quick Cures - Easy & Effective Therapy

  • Curing fears and phobias;
  • Easy pain management;
  • Simple stress management;
  • Changing limiting beliefs that block progress and remove barriers to success;
  • Changing unwanted habits;
  • Working with the emotions;
  • Therapeutic intervention bypassing the hypnotic induction;
  • Creative relaxation – putting the client back in control;
  • Stress relief technique and fantastic quick cure for panic attacks;

Rapid Inductions

  • Andrew Newton’s tried & tested rapid induction;

Understanding Group Behaviour

  • Behavioural psychology – individuals and groups;
  • The techniques of American TV evangelists, politicians, lawyers and stage hypnotists – what they have in common and how to use this knowledge to make you a better hypnotist;
  • The tremendous power of crowd psychology – its relationship to hypnotic suggestion and how your treatment success rate with groups can be dramatically improved;
  • We will use illustrative film & video;

Running Group Sessions

  • Why make $500 per session when you could be making $5,000 per session?
  • Using behavioural psychology to conduct successful group sessions;
  • How to organise and manage group sessions;

Dealing with PTSD and Deep Trauma in One Session

  • The closest you will get to a miracle cure!