Andrew Newton Hypnosis

Expert Witness

Andrew Newton has earned an international reputation, the result of 43 years experience in stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy. 

He is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on the nature of hypnosis – in particular, the problems of stage hypnosis. 

He is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine and senior lecturer in Hypnosis at Hypnoseakademiet, Oslo, Norway, Europe’s premier Hypnotherapy training school.


Andrew Newton has earned an international reputation, the result of 43 years experience in hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis. He is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on the nature of, and potential problems of, stage hypnosis. Andrew has worked in Hypnotherapy full time since 1997, specialising in the treatment of emotional problems.

Andrew is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine and author of 36 books and more than 100 articles on psychology and hypnosis.

Worked in Clinical Hypnotherapy in Harley Street and currently specialises in weight loss, the treatment of emotional problems, trauma, anxiety, grief and loss, etc.

He is a senior lecturer in Hypnosis at the Hypnoseakademiet Norway, Europe’s premier Hypnotherapy and EFT training school, a position he has held since 2008. 

He has been a member of the International Police Association (IPA) since 2005.

Andrew Newton is a regular speaker at Psychology Conferences in the UK, sharing the platform with such world renowned psychologists as Professor Elizabeth Loftus (world authority on memory and false memory), Professor Philip Zimbardo (Stanford Prison Experiment), Professor David Wilson (professor of psychopathology), and Professor Richard Wiseman (author). He has lectured to psychology students on Hypnosis, Suggestion, Group behaviour and Social Compliance in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and in 2015 completed a 12 week lecture tour of Universities in India. 

Stage Hypnosis

Andrew possesses a vast experience and unique insight into stage hypnosis and has written extensively about it’s potential problems. In the 1980s and early 1990s he sold out major theatres in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and in 1988 even did a three month stint in Las Vegas. He now presents a handful of stage shows each year, picking his venues very carefully. He refuses to do shows in pubs, clubs, at private parties, or where alcohol is the principal attraction, limiting performances to theatres only.

His experience means he is able to explain the significant and crucial differences between hypnosis as a therapy and hypnosis as entertainment, identifying the potential pitfalls and dangers associated with entertainment hypnosis. He regularly speaks out against the ‘corporate denial’ of the stage hypnosis industry and has called for tighter regulation. The industry is riddled with incompetence. For instance, most stage hypnotists don’t know how to recognise the symptoms of fight and flight apparent in volunteers in distress and have no idea what to do when things go wrong. 

Andrew is the author of the book INSIDE STAGE HYPNOSIS – an exposé of the state of stage hypnosis in Britain. He has spent 40 years studying stage hypnosis (and stage hypnotists) and has found an industry riddled with incompetence. He has uncovered new evidence indicating that being hypnotised on stage was a significant factor in the death of Sharron Tabarn. He presents a compelling argument for drastic changes to be made to the 1952 Hypnotism Act which offers guidelines for performances of stage hypnosis and is no longer fit for purpose.