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Nature’s way of increasing your creativity

Inventor Thomas Edison often took a quick nap because he said it boosted his creativity… A E Housman discovered lines of poetry flowed into his mind during afternoon walks; Mozart composed his best music while riding or walking; and Charles Darwin came upwith the theory of evolution when he was taking a carriage ride; French […]

Give your brain a break!

Confused? Muddled? Giving your brain a five minute break will ‘reboot’ your thinking processes and increase performance and productivity by over 50%. Psychologists at the University of Sydney, led by Associate Professor in Educational Psychology Paul Ginns, experimented on 72 students, all of whom undertook a self-taught lesson followed by two gruelling mental maths tests. Half the […]

The biology of victimhood

An experiment with a group of women was carried out where they ware asked to go into a job interview — the purpose of which was to find out whether people with facial disfigurements would face discrimination. A make-up artist put scars on their face and let the women look at themselves with the scars […]

Hypnosis versus ‘mindfulness’

Feted as a way to improve mental and physical well-being, Mindfulness has become popular in recent years, but there is no proof Mindfulness is everything it’s cracked up to be. Said to boost happiness, mindfulness has become something of a trend thanks to plaudits from A-listers such as Emma Watson, Davina McCall Katy Perry, Angelina […]

Hitler and Hypnosis

Did a hypnotist who treated Adolf Hitler for shell shock in 1918 by using his ‘desire to be like a God’ help spark the Second World War? Adolf Hitler was turned into a murderous dictator by a hypnotist trying to cure him of the effects of a gas attack in World War I. Hitler claimed, […]

Go alcohol free… and live longer

The government recommends that 14 units off alcohol a week is the maximum you should be drinking — 14 units is equal to 6 pints of beer, 1.5 bottles of wine, 7 double whiskies, or 9 glasses of champagne. Give up alcohol for a month and you will benefit from better sleep, better skin and […]

Depressed…? It’s time to restore your self esteem… because you’re not a terrible person!

About 10% of people experience depression at least once in their lives, although women — especially between the ages of 35 to 45 — seem to be more prone to it. It was once thought that hypnotherapy was not a suitable therapy for people with depression, but we now know that hypnosis can be a […]

Body Dysmorphia… Seriously, you look great!

Almost everyone has felt dissatisfied with their nose, or their chin, or their elbow, or some other body part at some time or another. They may even have become depressed about it for a while. But in most cases such concerns usually fade with time. Most people just wake up one day and realise that […]

Death by conspicuous consumption

Over-eating is the most common eating disorder. In the 21st century, we are inundated with a deluge of readily available cheap, offal-based animal products – salty, sugary, lardy, nourishment-free junk masquerading as fast food. Instant access to the type of short-term gratification known as comfort eating is a major health problem, resulting in obesity, heart […]

Anger is merely the outward expression of frustration…

Anger can damage relationships and your own peace of mind. Chronic anger is one of the biggest predictors of early death through heart disease — even more than chronic smoking! Anger, jealousy, pessimism, are both generated and made worse by the misuse of the imagination. In a study conducted at Stanford Medical School, heart patients […]

Cannabis Addiction… it’s time to terminate the relationship…

It’s time to terminate the relationship… The National Council for Hypnotherapy recently circulated University of Iowa research on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy as a way of stopping smoking. The study, involving 72,000 people, investigated the most effective ways of kicking the habit. Hypnotherapy was shown to be three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy. […]

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder…? It’s time to rid yourself of the controlling tyrant ruling your life!

We all indulge in repetitive behaviours every day — repetitive actions help us structure our lives and keep things predictable and manageable. But for some people, the ability to determine that a behaviour has served its purpose and can now be safely discarded is unthinkable. Instead, they can find themselves in a nightmare of repeating […]