At Home 3

South Africa 2006 – He really is quite cuddly once he gets used to you, but he is a full-grown male cheetah and he demands respect.

Meeting the Duchess of York after a fundraising show at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town, South Africa – 1999.

First Hypnotist on TV

First Hypnotist on TV – 10 December 1992.

My home – and fallout shelter – in Cape Town, South Africa.

With Ronny Hansen, CEO of Medicor and Director of Hypnoseakademiet, Europe’s premier Hypnotherapy and EFT Training School, in Oslo, Norway – 2015.

Tiger Moth

Flying a Tiger Moth in Rotorua, New Zealand with Instructor pilot Warwick Bleakey in the back seat – 1987.

Gibraltar – 2014. Charming!

Sydney Harbour Bridge – 1983.

With one of the world’s greatest living psychologists, Dr. Philip Zimbardo, of Stanford Prison Experiment fame – 2015

With Dr. David Wilson, the UK’s leading expert on the psychology of murder.

With Professor Richard Wiseman, psychologist, author and magician!

With psychologist and author of over 100 books on psychology, Cara Flanagan, and Professor Phil Banyard, leading psychologist.

With Professor Elizabeth Loftus, the world’s leading authority on memory and false memory at a conference in London – 2016.

Victoria Falls

Soaking wet at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe – 1988.

Rani, my cheetah – Cape Town, 2006. Rescued from traffickers as a cub, it was too late to return her to the wild where she wouldn’t survive, so I adopted her in 2005. In 2014 she went to an endangered species breeding centre to be with other cheetahs. I was very sad to see her go.

With one of my other cats, Mara, still just a cub – Cape Town, 2005.

Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand – 2016.

Mount Cook

Flying a single engined Piper Warrior over Mount Cook, South Island, New Zealand – 1989.

Tracking gorillas in Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo – 1992. I am behind the camera. One of the greatest experiences of my life – beats swimming with a large fish. 

“I am not a number – I am a free man!” In the village at Portmerion, the location for Patrick MacGoohan’s 60’s cult TV series The Prisoner. 

Lecturing to students on hypnosis – London, 2016.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA – January 1988.

Refuelling the Grumman in Cairo – part of the insane flight from Manchester to Nairobi – January 1992. 

The Nile

Flying over Egypt following the River Nile – January 1992.

Where’s my boat?? It was here when I left!? Puerto Banus – September 2014.


The trip made me realise how big the planet is. At the Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania – 1987. 

Las Vegas Riviera Sign

First visit to Las Vegas, January – 1988. I insisted we do the show for free for the first two weeks in order to generate the word of mouth publicity. They thought I was mad, but it worked and we sold out every show after that. I performed every day for three months, after which I’d had enough.

Crocodile wrestling in South Africa – 2005.

The long defunct British Council of Professional Hypnotists – a Mickey Mouse organisation if ever there was one. Middle front row are myself and Paul McKenna. The great Ken Webster is back row, second from right, exercising his finely honed sense of humour – 1987.

My home in Jersey, Summer Season 1988 with my old Rolls Royce. I loved that car – it was the best tour bus ever.  We travelled together for 7 years, up and down motorways, to and from venues, in all weathers, and it always got me there on time.

The most expensive hobby I ever had – flying my plane. Very useful for flying to Jersey and back 10 times every summer between 1982 and 1993, but otherwise, a huge drain on resources. I flew it from Manchester to Kenya in 1992 and two years later, wrote it off, crash-landing at night in a tea plantation in Western Kenya, mistaking it for the airfield. A month after getting back to England, I got myself a bigger twin-engined Aztec – a real beast, but I never did a long flight again. I think Kenya cured my addiction.

Cheetah on my car. They are such beautiful animals and remind me that the glory of Creation is in it’s diversity and perfection. (And I’m not even religious!) Masai Mara, Kenya – 1987.

Selfie with large fish – Gore, South Island, New Zealand – 2017.

1977 to 1980 I played percussion in the famous Max Jaffa Orchestra. That’s me at the back surrounded by timpani, drums, xylophone and tubular bells during rehearsal. Looking back, those days were some of the happiest of my life.

Mesmerised – a game show with a difference – 1992 – where the contestants were hypnotised to ‘muck it up’ for the general amusement of the audience. 25 years later, the format re-emerged as You’re Back in the Room, but by then, the idea was stale. Still, I did it first…

Lecturing at Bits Pilani University in India – 2015. Most of these students are doing two degrees and they study from 7 in the morning to late every night. 60 million Indian students are in university education right now… 

…and their appetite for knowledge is insatiable. Here, I’m answering questions with members of the psychology department. I really enjoyed my time there!

Early days at the World Famous Leeds City Varieties, circa 1983. I wish I was still that slim! As of 2016 I’ve done 314 shows there, more than any other artiste at that theatre, which was famous for the long-running BBC show The Good Old Days. 

Standing by Cecil Rhodes grave at the World’s View in the Matopos Hills, Zimbabwe – 1988. Another dream realised. So beautiful, with so much amazing history.

With large bear (deceased) Oslo, Norway – 2009.

with astrophysicist Dr. Abhas Mitra

With Dr. Abhas Mitra, world renowned astrophysicist in Gujurat, India, where I was guest lecturer at the University of Baroda – February 2014. Dr. Mitra is internationally respected and his views on the universe are as important and make more sense than Stephen Hawking’s. I was very honoured to have lunch with him and an opportunity to talk with him.

SOLD OUT in Stockholm – 2007.

I spent much of my childhood here, in the small coastal town of Conwy, North Wales and I now have a house in the valley. The castle was built by King Edward I and dominates the town. Once a fishing village, the main industry is now tourism. Conwy is unique – there’s nowhere in the world like it.

At my occasional home in Wales. Me and my… Dalek.

June 2015. In the bar in the upper deck of the EMIRATES A380 on the way back from Cape Town, having decided to take over!

The great Dr. Walford Bodie – the original stage hypnotist who in 1900 was the world’s highest paid entertainer! His story is incredible and you can find out more about him at Really, if you are at all interested in the history of stage hypnosis, it’s well worth a read.