Advanced Professional Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Training

Private training is available upon demand – on a one-to-one basis or small groups

“Thanks Andrew! I got your book years back. As well as looked at a DVD you put out. Great stuff. You have been an influence and inspiration in my life. Thank you!” Wayne Lee – Peak Performance Expert, Hall of Fame speaker, United States of America. 

Hypnosis Training at Hypnoseakademiet, Norway

Oslo: Friday/Saturday/Sunday, 14/15/16 June 2019

Oslo: Friday/Saturday/Sunday, 8/9/10 November 2019

Bergen: Friday/Saturday/Sunday, 15/16/17 November 2019

£4,500 per person |

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Andrew Newton is a regular speaker at Psychology Conferences in the UK and regularly lectures to Psychology Students on Hypnosis, Suggestion, and Group behaviour. He is senior lecturer in Hypnosis at the Hypnoseakademiet in Norway, Europe’s premier Hypnosis and EFT training school, a position he has held since 2008. Andrew holds specialism in training for a a range of applications, including holding mentalism training courses and street hypnosis training.

Andrew has worked in Clinical Therapy in Harley Street, London, specialising in the treatment of deep trauma and emotional problems and is an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

He is also is a regular speaker at Student Psychology A/AS level and general interest day Conferences for Phillip Allen Updates and a keynote speaker for Southwest Conferences.

Andrew has lectured in Hypnosis at Indian Institutes of Technology in Delhi and Jodphur, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat and Bits Pilani university in Goa.

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 Advanced Training in Hypnosis

2 intensive days

The very best course available. Cuts through the myths and mumbo-jumbo and gets straight to the point. No time is wasted on trivia as Andrew delivers all the information in a way that is easy to understand and put into immediate practice.

Fees from £1,000. Discounts available for 2 or more people. Maximum of 6 people.

Watch the 5 minute pain cure!


An Introduction to Hypnosis

  • A Brief History of Hypnosis – from Franz Mesmer to the present day;
  • The Human Brain – the most complex structure in the universe is where it all happens;
  • Language – using the right words and phrases;
  • Authority and Hierarchy – the human survival strategy;

The Psychology of Hypnosis

  • The Power of Suggestion – its influence on individuals and groups;
  • The Placebo Effect – how it affects human behaviour;
  • The importance of Expectation;

How it Works

  • Working with the Imagination;
  • Hypnosis and Memory;

Basic Techniques of Hypnosis

  • Suggestibility Tests;
  • The Process of Hypnosis – how and why hypnosis happens;
  • The Eye-closure Induction – guaranteed technique for inducing hypnosis;
  • Key Phrases – vital for successful hypnosis;
  • Convincers and Deepeners (pacing and following) – taking the subject further into hypnosis;
  • Recognising how deeply a subject has gone into hypnosis – tell-tale physiological signs;
  • Techniques for Therapeutic Practice;
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestion – creating permanent change;

Your First Therapy Session

  • Explaining Hypnosis to the Client – the importance of preparation and reassurance;
  • Client History – the easy way to conduct an initial investigation;
  • Goals & Outcomes – easy ways to identify what the client expects from the session;
  • Identifying Causes – how to break through barriers and help clients move forward;
  • Effecting Rapid Change;

Strategies for Running a Successful Practice

  • How to give public talks, taster sessions and public demonstrations;
  • Andrew’s tried and tested business plan – how to recover the full cost of this course in just one week;

Self Hypnosis and Autosuggestion

  • Using Self-Hypnosis to benefit yourself;
  • Teaching Others Self-Hypnosis;
  • Applications of Self-Hypnosis;

Advanced Hypnosis

  • Dealing with difficult or uncooperative subjects;
  • How to turn suggestibility tests into inductions and increase your success rate;
  • Sleep and its role in problem-solving and learning;
  • Music in Therapy;
  • Illustrative case histories;
  • Regression – three rapid & effective ways;

Quick Cures – Easy & Effective Therapy

  • Curing Fears and Phobias;
  • Easy Pain Management;
  • Simple Stress Management;
  • Changing limiting beliefs that block progress and remove barriers to success;
  • Changing unwanted Habits;
  • Working with the Emotions;
  • Therapeutic intervention bypassing the hypnotic induction;
  • Creative Relaxation – putting the client back in control;
  • Stress relief technique and fantastic quick cure for panic attacks;
  • Dealing with deep trauma in one [two hour] session;

Rapid Induction Techniques – enabling you to see more clients in less time

  • Instantaneous production of REM state;
  • Andrew Newton’s tried & tested Rapid Induction – it works every time in just 60 seconds;

Understanding Group Behaviour

  • Behavioural Psychology – individuals and groups;
  • The techniques of American TV evangelists, politicians, lawyers and stage hypnotists – what they have in common and how to use this knowledge to make you a better hypnotist;
  • The tremendous power of crowd psychology – its relationship to hypnotic suggestion and how your treatment success rate with groups can be dramatically improved;
  • We will use illustrative film & video;

Running Group Sessions

  • How to make more money in less time – how to make maximum profits for minimum investment of time, money or personal organisational effort on your part;
  • How to make more money from a single 90 minute group Hypnotherapy Session than many therapists make in a week;
  • Using Behavioural psychology to conduct successful group sessions;
  • PLUS! Invaluable advice on how to Market, Organise and Promote the Group Sessions;

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Andrew is a regular speaker at professional psychology & hypnotherapy conferences in the UK and has shared the platform with such experts as:

  • Professor Richard Wiseman – Professor in the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire and acclaimed author of several books, including The Luck Factor;
  • Professor David Wilson – Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Birmingham City University;
  • Dr. Peter Lovatt – Principal Reader in Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire;
  • Professor Sophie Scott – deputy director of the University College London’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience;
  • Professor Simon Baron-Cohen – Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Cambridge;
  • Gustav Kuhn – Lecturer in Psychology at Brunel University;
  • Mike Cardwell – Senior Lecturer at Bath Spa University and former Chief Examiner AQA A;
  • Phil Banyard – Nottingham Trent University London and former Cheif Examiner OCR;
  • Cara Flanagan – Widely published author of A Level Psychology books;
  • Professor Adrian Furnham – Professor of Psychology, University College, London;
  • Alex Haslam – Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology at the University of Exeter;
  • Professor Graham Davey – Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Sussex;
  • Professor Mark Griffiths – Chartered Psychologist and Professor of Gambling Studies at Nottingham Trent University;
  • Dave Clarke – Chief examiner CIE Pre-U;
  • Professor Sergio Della Sala – Human Cognitive Neuroscience, Edinburgh;
  • Karen Duffy – Professor of Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University;
  • Dr. Graham Wagstaff – Professor of Psychology, University of Liverpool.

Two Inspiring days! Already used Newton Techniques on my clients – and wow – my clients got impressed, actually I did too!! Thanks for sharing your expertice with us! It was two days with learning and laughter, it was useful and fun! Hilde Sylstat, Norway. 

Hi Andrew! Just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience in hypnosis, you are a huge inspirational teacher and also gave us good laughs so we remember:)! Thank you! Hope you’re having a show in Oslo some day! 
Best regards from Laila Rudi Aanensen

Thanks again for an insightful weekend. Who would have ever thought that a simple midwestern American girl like me, could absorb so much culture, history, politics, humour and knowledge in such a few hours? The design of your artful weave brings the red thread of knowledge to the forefront.
I hope our paths cross again. There is much to be learned and laughter to be shared.
Enjoy the limelight,
Kay Ellen van Scheers

I have nearly 1,000 hours of training in clinical and stage hypnosis (I am a medical doctor, former cancer surgeon, and now a cancer researcher)  from all sorts of people, including the inheritors of Gil Boyne’s group (ACHE), and the National Guild of Hypnotists, along with many other American clinical hypnotherapists; and in stage hypnosis in England (while on business trips) from Jonathan Chase and  Anthony Jacquin. In the US I’ve trained with Terry Stokes and Michael Johns (I worked on stage with them 16 times as a training course) in Las Vegas, and many other American stage hypnotists. I’ve also trained in forensic hypnosis from the East Texas Police Academy (5 days!), past life regression (Dick Sutphen), and many other “specialty” forms of hypnosis.

I say all of this not to brag, but to state with conviction that not once in that 1,000 hours has anyone come close to explaining hypnosis, or the laws of hypnosis, as eloquently and truthfully as you do–as the power of suggestion, plain and simple.
Dr Kenneth Kern, MD., California, USA.

Andrew Newton is an excellent communicator and Master of Hypnosis. His seminar was a fascinating journey into this intriguing subject.
Alan Gray, Consultant Hypnotherapist, Scarborough.

Excellent training delivered in a straightforward manner and with humour. You dispensed more knowledge than any other course I have taken.
Alexander St. James, Las Vegas, USA.

[Andrew] has raised my level of understanding to the no nonsense level I have been seeking. Brilliant in delivery, nice blend of humour, sarcasm & professionalism.
Angela Briggs, New Zealand.

In this PC world it is refreshing to attend a seminar that tells it like it is in a language and style that is natural. Fuckin’ excellent.
Rod Horton, New Zealand.

It has been a wonderful day. I really like Andrew’s style of delivery and speed. I like the everyday words and matter of fact manner [in which] they are delivered.
Frances Parker, New Zealand.

Very alive, impressive, great common sense, I liked the simplicity and the honesty of your expressions, ideas, opinions.
Nina Larisch-Haider, New Zealand.

Entertaining, puts the point across in an easy to understand way – Very good at capturing the audience’s attention. Thank you.
Henrietta Toller, New Zealand.

I saw Andrew when he first came to New Zealand in 1982 and loved his show. Seeing him again 25 years later as an educator is brilliant. He made me laugh back then & he’s still doing it. He’s a mine of information and as a student he’s a fantastic role model.
Victoria Maude, New Zealand.

Absolutely no frills no crap – thank you for telling it how it is!
Prin Barry, New Zealand.

Excellent – enjoyed the humour – made it more interesting & appreciated Andrew’s honesty. Common-sense approach & no mumbo-jumbo.
Ann Williams, New Zealand.

Very good seminar – well presented – expert in field… Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Would recommend it to anyone in the industry…
Mal Ross, New Zealand.

Fantastic, brilliant, love the humour. Good opportunity to learn / hone skills… new perspective…
Colleen Bolt, New Zealand.

Fantastic day. Great to listen to someone who has a down to earth approach, doesn’t try to pull the wool over your eyes about the subject. Fabulous & very entertaining.
V. Farrell, New Zealand.

Interesting social commentary, shocking, thrilling, very entertaining.
Jessica Ritchie

This was a very enjoyable seminar and worth the money to have a laugh all day. I also enjoyed the useful information.
Ann Gray, New Zealand.

Brilliant and very entertaining style. Very enjoyable presentation – sparkling sense of humour…
Gabriella Almassy, New Zealand.

[The] day was great, learnt lots but found Andrew has bought into social hypnosis regarding ‘genetic’ disease, aging, materialism, his body as a fixed ‘thing.’ But maybe I have bought into a ‘new hypnosis…’
Heather Howes, New Zealand.

Heaps to learn, especially the fast induction. Enjoyed the demonstrations and answering so many questions.
Patricia Greenhough, New Zealand.

Highly entertaining. I haven’t laughed so much in ages.
Jill Aurtmann, New Zealand.

I really enjoyed Andrew’s humorous presentation style. He maintained my interest for the whole day.
Colin Sandford, New Zealand.

OK, here it is… I think that a lot of the time, Andrew pretends to be an idiot, which might be confusing at first, but beneath the act he puts on, everything he said made perfect sense and I can see why he is so successful with his clients. I’m really glad I came.
Brett Davis, New Zealand.