New ways to manage Insomnia

New research suggests the real key to getting a good night’s sleep might be to manage our own body clocks in a more efficient way. To manage our own body clock effectively, exposure to daylight at the right time is important. Getting a good dose of it when we wake up is a good way…MORE

Mindfulness needs to take account of gender

New research suggests that mindfulness should be adapted to the different ways men and women process emotions.  Mindfulness is the new buzzword in world of talking therapy. Its popularity has soared in the last few years and therapists and clients alike enthuse about its effectiveness. There have been several studies that show mindfulness helps to…MORE

How music can help battle dementia

Dementia sufferers, deprived of so many precious memories, are still able to remember the songs they love. Music can evoke emotions even in the most advanced Alzheimer’s patients. With emotions come associated memories. Music can make life worth living again. When I joined the Max Jaffa Orchestra in 1977, one of the first things I…MORE

Mindfulness – UPDATE II

We were introduced to Mindfulness just a few short years ago. Like all fads it has inevitably come under the scrutiny of the academic community… and they’re not convinced… There has been a huge increase in the number of people practicing mindfulness in Britain. It’s the new happy meditation, aimed at those with time on…MORE

How I treat my clients

Your client is not your friend. You’re not going to be inviting your client for a drink after work or to your home for dinner. Every therapist knows that the imaginary barrier between the client and the professional has to remain firmly in place. But working with clients can often be a battleground. Here are…MORE

Can meditation help you live longer?

Meditation doesn’t just free the mind, it could also keep it young. A recent study claims that regular meditation can knock seven and a half years off the middle-aged brain. Researchers at Jena University Hospital in Germany claim that the combination of intense concentration and relaxation may trigger the growth of new brain cells. This…MORE

Mindfulness – UPDATE

Mindfulness – an update – August 2015. Mindfulness (as discussed in a previous article – Changing Your Mindfulness) is simply a matter of making yourself aware of a problem and taking a few quiet moments to consider your actions. It has proved to be an effective way of dealing with the problems and it seems…MORE

Changing Your Mindfulness…

Changing Your Mind…fullness… Mindfulness… It’s the new buzzword. But is it just the latest fad in the industrial scale self-help industry, or are we being hoodwinked into buying into something that’s been around for a very long time? It’s being touted as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, or MBSR for short. Another tool in an already…MORE

Radical Therapy

All the talking therapies have one thing in common – an awful lot of talk. Freud is credited with the invention of Psychotherapy, but Carl Rogers perfected the idea. Hypnotherapy has always been regarded as the almost perfect short cut to a cure, but it seems that there are even quicker, more effective ways to…MORE

Beginning Hypnotherapy

To be a successful therapist, you need to take this on board. There are four golden rules when it comes to dealing with clients and they’re easy enough to remember. Rule 1. You must always care about your client. If you are into the therapy business solely for the money, it is likely you will fail….MORE