Out of hours email? Non!

There’s a time and a place for everything: a time for work and a time for play – and there’s a time for putting one’s family first. The French have passed a law that forbids employees checking their work emails at weekends. This is a sensible move. Companies who expect their employees to check their…MORE

Video Nice – UPDATE

Playing certain kinds of video games could actually boost a child’s intelligence and improve their exam results, but excessive Facebook use could have precisely the opposite effect! According to the latest research, carried out by Dr Shawn Green (assistant professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Dr Aaron Seitz (University of California, Riverside) kids who played video…MORE

Video Nice

Video Nice is the sequel to the article Video Nasty https://www.newtonhypnosis.com/video-nasty/ If violent video games and TV shows can influence aggression, what would happen if we could harness this effect to calm people down? Prisons have traditionally used programmes like woodworking classes and art therapy to keep inmates occupied and away from trouble – no easy task…MORE

Technology is making our kids stupid

Scientists are becoming increasingly concerned that reading books on digital platforms can hinder an individual’s ability to think abstractedly. If you’re reading from a tablet or other digital device, you might be missing out on the bigger picture. Furthermore, reading news stories, features and books from digital screens makes people more inclined to focus on…MORE

My Sat-Nav is rotting my brain!

The new age of digital information technology may herald another evolutionary step in human development, and this will not necessarily be to our advantage. When I was a boy, if I wanted to find out anything, I had to go to the library. That exercise in itself required a certain degree of planning. I had…MORE

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Blogger

It’s possible that we are addicted to Social Media because our brains have evolved to make us that way! Hard to believe? We are creatures that crave company [at least most of us] and have a deep-seated need to engage and converse with others. So it’s why to see that social media has proved so…MORE

Video Nasty

Addiction to violent video games has been blamed for some of the most violent crimes and ‘moral immaturity’ that is the scourge of modern society. Anders Breivik, responsible for the cold-blooded murder of 77 of his fellow Norwegians, is just one of many examples of people who turned to violence supposedly as a result, at…MORE