Falling for the machine

Voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular and will be mainstream within five years. Humans are already getting emotionally attached to them. In the six months since it’s release, Amazon has sold a staggering 11 million Echoes in the UK. Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google and Amazon are all major players in a competitive and fast evolving game….MORE

Digital heroin

Current research suggests that teenagers are so glued to their smartphones and tablets they no longer have time for drugs or alcohol. Without realising it, we are all becoming addicted to technology. With the younger generation – and by the younger generation I mean anyone who can’t imagine what life was like without computers, mobile phones…MORE

Phone separation anxiety – worse than PTSD?

The digital generation are developing separation anxiety for their phones.   It is entirely normal – and understandable – that children get stressed and start to panic if they’re separated from their parents, and that parents experience the same kind of emotional shock if they lose sight of their children in the park or shopping…MORE

Beware the Internet troll

Most people think that Internet trolls are angry sociopaths firing off abusive rants to strangers. Mostly, however, they are not – they are ordinary people, just like you and me. But under the right circumstances, almost anyone can become one. Around 40% of Internet users say they have been victims of trolling, while 20% of…MORE

Your Facebook page is a reflection of your personality

Are you creative, confident and conscientious? Or are you narcissistic, neurotic, or suffer from low self-esteem? Most people think that psychology is the study of the mind – it isn’t. Psychology is the study of behaviour. Observing, measuring and predicting behaviour gives us a window on the mind. We can ‘people watch’ over a cup…MORE

Lots of social media accounts? No wonder you’re depressed

The number of social media accounts you have says a lot about your mental health. Young adults who use more than seven different social media platforms are more than three times more likely to report symptoms of depression than those who are happy with just one or two. For a start, the more accounts you…MORE

ffs… put the mobile away!

The mere presence of a mobile phone is a distraction to your brain – and the brains of others! If you want to get things done, put it away! The very presence of a mobile phone is a distraction – not only to your brain, but also to the person you’re supposed to be talking…MORE

Your technology addiction is harming your kids!

It’s not just kids who are addicted to technology – parents are just as guilty. Parent’s use of mobile technology around young children can cause tension, conflict and negative interaction in parent/child relationships. Parents are thought to use smartphones and tablets for at least three hours everyday. More than that, parents are finding themselves inhabiting two…MORE

Video Nasty II

More than 2 hours a week playing video games will damage your children’s social skills. Children want to play video games – they can easily become immersed in them and anyway, that’s what all their friends are doing. Gaming is also a great time killer – video games keep children occupied and stop them getting…MORE

Addicted to Facebook?

A new study carried out by Carnegie Mellon University and Facebook researchers has revealed that personal posts and comments make people happier. We should be deeply suspicious about this – and for obvious reasons, not least because their results overturn the findings of a host of other studies. There is already a mountain of research…MORE