Hello stranger, goodbye reality

Hello Stranger, Channel 4 I often get requests from people who have suffered emotional trauma and want to forget about things that have happened to them, or more often, forget about failed relationships and ex partners. This, I cannot do, but I can, with the cooperation of the client, create emotional distance which will help…MORE

My favourite theatre

  Three years after I started in the business, I stood for the first time on the stage of the world famous Leeds City Varieties Music Hall. That was on 26 October 1982. I was the first and only hypnotist ever to perform at the venue. Since then, I have done 315 shows there and…MORE

You’re back in the 1970’s

Hypnosis is back on TV. You’re Back in the Room has rehabilitated the reputation of stage hypnosis.   I once met Phillip Schofield in Christchurch, New Zealand of all places and I’m pretty sure it was in 1981 or perhaps 1982. I was touring with Hot Gossip as first-half support act for Arlene Philips’ soft-porn-thinly-disguised-as-choreography…MORE

Why didn’t it work on me?

It is rare that hypnotherapists take the time to talk to, or question clients about their subjective experience of hypnosis. It is even more unusual for stage hypnotists to take the trouble to question their volunteers about their experience. I don’t see why not. Time is money… the therapist needs to get on to the…MORE

Reading the Audience

It’s one of the golden rules of entertainment. A true artist can read an audience within seconds of walking onto a stage, and some can second guess the mood as they listen to the chatter before the curtain goes up. That’s when one of the other golden rules of entertainment comes into play – giving…MORE

Inside Stage Hypnosis

The original version of this article was first published in 2007 in the book All in the Mind – Hypnosis, Suggestion and the New Mesmerists. Is Stage Hypnosis safe? Of course it is… most of the time. It may surprise you to learn that behind the sensational tabloid stories about volunteers sent from the theatre…MORE

What is wrong with Hypnosis?

For the last two hundred and fifty years hypnosis has suffered from an image problem, stubbornly clinging like a wet t-shirt, even though in the more enlightened age of the 21st century, hypnosis is accepted as mainstream – hypnotherapy is even thought of as the ‘grand dame’ of all the talking therapies. So why is…MORE

A bridge too far…

‘The Human Bridge’ (pictured) is now an illegal act in almost every country that has legislation on stage hypnotism, and with good reason, yet some hypnotists still insist on including it. Just to give you the background info, there are very few countries that ban all forms hypnosis, even hypnotherapy, outright. These countries (sic) include Israel and…MORE

The Electric Wizard – The Amazing Story of Dr. Walford Bodie

All that follows is true… Dr. Walford Bodie, The Electric Wizard of the North, was the most famous stage hypnotist who ever lived. No hypnotist has ever come close to achieving his fame or fortune. A household name in his day, he was for a short time the world’s highest paid entertainer. Eccentric, eclectic, electric……MORE

Stage Hypnosis – the need for tighter regulation.

Stage Hypnosis – the need for tighter regulation. Address to the British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis: 14 March 2014 As a stage hypnotist with thirty-five years in the business, it may seem a little hypocritical to speak disparagingly of stage hypnotism. Nonetheless, despite the corporate denial of stage hypnotists, there are very real…MORE