It’s OK to dwell on past mistakes…

We’re often told not to dwell on the past – especially on our past mistakes. We are told that if we want to move forward with our lives, we should forget the past and look to the future. But a group of eminent scientists say the opposite is true – because the pain of failure…MORE


Coffee could add years to your life.   A study by Imperial College London of more than half a million people in Europe found men were 18% and women 8% less likely to die from any cause than non-coffee drinkers (based on 3 cups of coffee a day.) Similar results were recorded by American scientists…MORE


Red wine lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart disease, lowers the risk of stroke, cuts the risk of colon cancer, controls blood sugar levels and prevents dementia. ‘In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria.’ Benjamin Franklin. As a connoisseur of red wine, I was delighted to…MORE

Decisions, decisions…

What do we want? An end to procrastination! When do we want it? We’re not sure… Procrastination is the thief of time… We all procrastinate from time to time. Procrastination can be useful if it means you can better perform a task at a later date. But unintentional procrastination can be problematic and it’s important…MORE

The Inn of the Sixteenth Happiness

There are many states of happiness, but experiencing a diversity of emotions reduces your vulnerability to illness. The trick is, to prevent any one emotion from becoming dominant. A study carried out by Weill Cornell Medicine found that recording your feelings and emotions of happiness, excitement and amusement actually reduced inflammation. Unexpectedly, negative emotions like…MORE

Think positive – live longer

Positive thinking could extend your lifespan. Just believing you are healthy cuts your risk of early death by 71%. More brilliant research from Stanford University!   After providing us with a ‘snapshot’ of how hypnosis affects the brain, (see: researchers at Stanford University tracked medical data on more than 60,000 Americans and found that…MORE

Bad moods can improve health and wellbeing

Bad moods can boost memory, improve focus and stimulate creativity. We all get them. Sometimes it’s just because we managed to get out of the wrong side bed, or because someone has ticked us off at work, or because your spouse has invited a deeply irritating friend round for the evening. It’s all relative of…MORE

Standing on your own two feet

Feeling Down, feeling depressed? Standing or sitting up straight can beat depression because posture has a direct impact on mood.             I’ve been saying it for years. Standing or sitting up straight really can improve you mood. Try this experiment: First, stand with your shoulder s hunched down, pull a…MORE


The subtle art of persuasion is something that has been honed to perfection over the last hundred thousand years. Persuasion is part of the way human beings learn to cooperate. It’s also a quality that comes naturally to those who enthusiastically pursue success and leadership, and it’s easy to master if you follow these simple…MORE

Taking hourly breaks will improve your life

Whatever you’re doing, taking a break for just 5 MINUTES every hour will refresh your mind, improve your mood, increase your energy levels, and even quash cravings for food. Spending hours a day sitting behind a desk is known to have consequences for your health, but scientists now say that just a five-minute walk could…MORE