The Psychopath Checklist

To have personality disorder diagnosed, a person needs to demonstrate at least three or four characteristics.   NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER To have personality disorder diagnosed, someone needs to demonstrate at least three or four characteristics. These are the characteristics that identify them. They: Believe there are special reasons they are different, better or more deserving…MORE

Inside the mind of a terrorist

Coming to a town near you… Thousands of terrorist plots have been uncovered around the world in the last five decades, from the 1972 murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, the 1975 hostage taking at the OPEC headquarters in Vienna, the 1995 sarin gas attacks in Tokyo, and the September 11 attacks…MORE

Psychopath plc

Psychopaths will rise to the top in almost any walk of life, but their prevalence is highest in the business world. Here’s why… and how they manage it. A study conducted by researchers at Bond University in Australia in conjunction with the University of San Diego, and published in September 2016, revealed roughly 4.8% of…MORE

Beware the Dark Triad

The ‘dark triad’ is a group of three personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy, all of which forewarn malevolent intent… Psychopathy is characterised by antisocial behaviour, impulsivity, selfishness, callousness and remorselessness, Machiavellianism, by deception, the manipulation and exploitation of others, a cynical regard for morality and overriding self-interest. Narcissism is characterised by grandiosity, pride, egotism,…MORE

Get a life! – The downside of celebrity worship

One in ten people are obsessed with a celebrity, so much that their obsession affects their daily lives. Celebrity Worship is now recognised as a psychological disorder. An estimated 1% of people have it so bad they can be classed as borderline mentally ill. It’s natural for people to admire others who are successful, who…MORE

The unhealthy pleasure of anorexia

It seems anorexia is not about the fear of getting fat – it’s about the pleasure of losing weight… Anorexia nervosa is a devastating eating disorder where sufferers starve themselves, unnaturally thin and sometimes with fatal results. The condition typically affects teenage girls and young women, although boys and young men are not entirely immune….MORE

Always late? You could be mentally ill…

Being late is the height of bad manners… but is it really your fault? Yes. Probably.   When I was in my teens, punctuality was held up as a virtue; my private grammar school education taught me that lateness was the most inexcusable of all the sins. Attending the Royal Northern College of Music, punctuality was…MORE

Psychopaths and coke-heads and what they have in common…

Psychopaths are different from the rest of us. I’ve known two in my life – one was a bald hypnotist who despite his whiter than white image was a secret alcoholic cocaine and ecstasy addict and the other was someone with whom I was once in a brief relationship. So I know all about psychopaths…MORE

Spot the Narcissist!

Social media sites such as Facebook have made it much easier for us to keep up with the latest news of our friends – wherever they may be – and all the latest gossip. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have revolutionised not only the way we communicate but also the way we see each other and…MORE

Sociopaths – Ten Tell Tale Signs

Four in every 100 people are Sociopaths – that’s 272 million people worldwide! There’s one living, working or socialising with you! If you recognise any of the patterns below, you have probably been a victim… Sociopaths and narcissists live to dominate others and are obsessed with winning – and at any cost, as long as…MORE