I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date…

There are reasons some people simply can’t keep to time.   An old girlfriend of mine had this irritating habit of just doing ‘one more thing’ before going anywhere, which is why she was destined never to get anywhere and why she became my ex-girlfriend… or my late girlfriend as I used to call her…MORE

The best way to remember is to teach what you learn!

I really know my subject – I really do… I know it inside out, but when I have to explain it, it’s so fucken difficult! But then I learned it ididn’t have to be… When I was at college, some of the more sneering students would quote and age-old adage, that ‘those who can’t, teach.’…MORE

Drinking to forget makes bad memories worse

Alcohol alters the brain’s chemistry – that makes memories difficult to overwrite. Scientists at Johns Hopkins University, led by neurology professor Dr Norman Haughey, have found evidence that alcohol not only prevents you from forgetting bad memories but can make those memories stronger. Alcohol strengthens the synapses (connections) between neurons connected to the brain’s fear…MORE

Saving memory

Our memories are malleable at the best of times, but they become even more unreliable as we age. That’s when we go into the next room for something and then forget what we went in there for. On the other hand, we still retain detailed memories of important things that happened years ago. Why? Every…MORE

Learning by rote

Traditional methods of learning have been modernised, meddled, tampered, fiddled and generally interfered with by successive governments. And after all that, it turns out the old ways are the best after all. When I was at school, before I wrote my age in double digits and before the blackboard was the chalkboard, 10 years before…MORE

Sexual Abuse and Repressed Memory

Some therapists are at last waking up to the fact that repressed memories are false memories. Lives have been ruined, reputations destroyed, people have been falsely accused and imprisoned, families and communities torn apart. It’s all been a terrible mistake. It takes considerable digging on the part of the therapist to unearth repressed memories of…MORE

Busy people have sharper minds and better memories

Packing more into the day increases the opportunity to learn new things which stimulate and challenge the brain… and for those worried about age-related memory loss, this ground-breaking study was done on men and women aged 50-plus. 330 healthy men and women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s were questioned by researcher Dr Sarah…MORE

Bad Memories

Memory is malleable. Our brains can sometimes take traumatic memories out of context so that occasionally we believe life’s bad experiences were worse than they really were. But our minds can be trained to let go of unwanted and negative thoughts by putting them in a new context. Hypnotherapists increasingly use imagery and suggestion to…MORE

Want to boost your memory? Try this simple method

This is by far the best way to remember stuff… Some people use mnemonics or songs to remember things, but there is another more effective trick. Simply drawing a picture of what you want to remember will help you recall twice as much information, compared with just writing the words. Drawing creates a more cohesive…MORE

False Memory Syndrome – UPDATE

False Memory Syndrome – Update How many times have we found ourselves recanting a story of a past event we remember well when somebody suddenly butts in and corrects you? Don’t you just hate it when that happens? So who’s right and who’s wrong? As far as you are concerned, it’s your memory of the…MORE