Manifestly Ridiculous

There’s a new fad in town! All the ‘wellness’ experts are ecstatic, thrilled to bits at all the miraculous things they’ll be able to help people to achieve, and all the money they’re going to make from it! Yes folks, roll up, roll up! The new buzzword is… Manifestation!! And it’s set to take over…MORE

In Ridicule of Deepak Chopra

Millions have read his books worldwide, hanging on to his every word and lavishing uncritical and unthinking praise on his every word. Is this man the genius he wants us all to believe he is? Or is just another cheap trickster playing tricks on the gullible and the spiritually naive? April 4th 2010 3.40pm. An…MORE

In Praise of Stanley Milgram

To some psychologists, Milgram’s experiments were unethical, but giving painful electric shocks to people in the name of science sounds fun – and it is. To me, he was a genius. He proved what I already knew to be true from my schooldays, and I would sincerely enjoy the opportunity of repeating the experiments. [Actually…MORE

In Praise of Carl Rogers

Carl Rogers said that the patient dictates the direction and pace of the session, and I would imagine that this great man, a true giant among psychologists, came to this conclusion after long experience. Letting the patient take charge of his or her own sessions is empowering in itself, and it saves the therapist having…MORE

In Praise of Irving Kirsch

It is not often I am impressed by psychologists, after all, most of the time psychology just proves what deep down, we already knew to be the case in the first place. Carl Rogers is one of my heroes: he was a genius who reduced the process of therapy to its most simple and effective…MORE

The Secret of ‘The Secret’

The Secret of ‘The Secret’ is Stupidity after all. Hypnotists are very fond of reminding us that hypnotisability has nothing whatsoever to do with gullibility, and this is, in the main true. But hypnotisability has everything to do with suggestibility and whichever way you cut it, the simple truth is that some of us are…MORE