Why music is good for your little ones             Playing music while playing with your child won’t just make them giggle, it could also boost their brainpower. Brain regions key to music and speech are found to be sharper in nine-month-old boys and girls who attended musical play sessions. University…MORE

Baby talk

A baby’s first words are a critical milestone in its development. From that moment on, their language skills are of paramount importance, and for lots of reasons. According to scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany, while parents encourage their child to talk in all sorts of…MORE

Improving children’s language and maths skills

New research is helping children improve their mathematical and language skills. The techniques could have implications for adults undergoing therapy. Children are better at remembering new words and phrases after a quick nap. Researchers from the University of Arizona’s Department of Psychology, led by Michelle Sandoval, studied language skills in three-year-olds, and found that those…MORE

Boys and girls come out to play…

Children as young as 18 months prefer gender specific toys. Why is this? Older children know what they want for Christmas, but choosing the right present for the very young can be tricky. Do you stick with the traditional choices – an action man for a boy and a doll for a girl – or do…MORE

Bully beef

Lots of children get bullied at school. Most recover after a short time, some take longer and some go into show business. But if you’re a parent, there’s no need to feel helpless. There are lots of things you can do about it… Keep a lookout for the signals. Sudden and unexpected changes in behaviour…MORE

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

The little white lies we tell our children to spare their feelings have to handled with care – children’s perceptions of truth and lies change as they grow. We all lie to our children. Father Christmas, the tooth fairy, a man who can walk on water… these are, generally speaking, harmless stories that can help…MORE

How to make a happy, well-adjusted child

What joy there is in children!    Want your children to grow up well adjusted and intelligent? It’s all down to good parenting (obviously) but that doesn’t just mean spending time with them – it’s how you spend the time that really counts! Play is more than just fun and games – play establishes relationships…MORE

Why hypnotising kids is wrong!

Increasing numbers of parents are sending their children to hypnotherapists, mainly to cure stress and anxiety over school tests and examinations. That’s all fine and good if your child is 15 or 16 years old and the hypnotherapy is restricted to teaching the child simple techniques for relaxation, focus of attention and the ability to…MORE

The Gift of Autism

Autism is by no means a blessing, but with it can come amazing talent the rest of us will never have. FACT: Everyone – every human being on the planet – registers somewhere on the autistic spectrum. The principal signs of ASD might not always be obvious. For example, attention to detail is a sign…MORE