The Posters

The yellow poster (top) was the original Andrew Newton poster designed by Annie Millar. I first used it in 1987 and used a second version of it again in 1994/5. The two posters featuring cartoons were were created by artist Russ Tudor and were based on the sort of characters in VIZ magazine, which was very popular at the time. They have all  appeared outside theatres all over the world. 

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Andrew Newton










And then came the year-long tour of South Africa…



Meanwhile… back home… 

I do try to make the posters different for every tour but at the same time, retain some elements that are instantly recognisable. As soon as people see the word Hypnotist the rest of the picture starts to make sense. Some of the posters I admit, are over complicated with too many competing elements, but you have to try these things and then wait to see the response. I think my favourite is the one of the row of empty chairs because it carries feeling of anticipation. On the night, those chairs will seat people I have never met before – every show is different because people are all different. That is all part of the fun, and to be honest, stops me getting bored!