South Africa 2006: They are really quite cuddly once they get used to you, but this full grown male cheetah demands respect. 

At Home 3

Meeting the Duchess of York after a fundraising show at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town, South Africa, 2000. 

Duchess of York

First Hypnotist on TV – 10 December 1992.

First Hypnotist on TV

Flying a Tiger Moth in Rotorua, New Zealand with Instructor pilot Warwick Bleakey in the back seat; 1987.

Tiger Moth

Sydney Harbour Bridge 1982.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Soaking wet at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 1988.

Victoria Falls

Flying over Mount Cook, South Island, New Zealand, 1989 at the controls of a single engined Piper Warrior.

Mount Cook

Tracking gorillas in Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo, 1992. I am behind the camera. One of the greatest experiences of my life – beats swimming with a large fish. 


The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA, January 1988. 

Grand Canyon

Refuelling the Grumman in Cairo – part of the insane flight from Manchester to Nairobi, January 1992.

Refuelling - Cairo

Flying over Egypt following the River Nile. The trip made me realise how big the planet is.

The Nile

At the Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, 1988. 


First visit to Las Vegas, January 1988. I insisted we do the show for free for the first two weeks in order to generate the word of mouth publicity. They thought I was mad, but it worked and I stayed for three months, after which I’d had enough. 

Las Vegas Riviera Sign

With Dr. Robert Zimbardo in London, March 2014. Dr. Zimbardo is held to be possibly the world’s greatest living Psychologist. He earned notoriety because of The Stanford Prison Experiment, but his reputation was re-established as a result of the Abu Ghraib Prison Experiment carried out by American troops in Iraq!


With Cara Flanagan, famous psychologist and prolific author of psychology text books, at the November 2013 London Psychology Conference.

Cara Flanagan

The Psychology of Hypnosis – Lecturing to psychology students from all over the country – London, November 2013. These student conferences are enormously popular and sell out quickly.

photo copy 4

A demonstration of the Power of Suggestion at a student psychology conference.


With Dr. Abhas Mitra, world renowned astrophysicist in Gujurat, India, where I was guest lecturer at the University of Baroda, February 2014. Dr. Mitra is internationally respected and his views on the universe are as important and make more sense than Stephen Hawking’s. I was very honoured to have had lunch with him and a chance to talk with him.

with astrophysicist Dr. Abhas Mitra