The Andrew Newton Hypnotic Experience – Films, TV and people – BFI – Hypnotist Andrew Newton has adapted his stage show for television. Members of the studio audience are involved in his experiments. 


Erfarne og dyktige forelesere på alle våre nivå – Hypnoseakademiet


9 Dec 2013 – SCIENCE AND. PSEUDOSCIENCE … their understanding of science and increasing their motivation to study … Southwest Conferences, East.

Guest Lecture by Andrew Newton | New Delhi – All events – 28 Feb 2014 – Andrew is senior lecturer in Hypnosis at the Hypnoseakademiet inNorway, Europe’s premier Hypnosis and EFT training school. He has held …

ANDREW NEWTON – Natural Medicine ANDREW NEWTON is a UK-born hypnotist and hypnotherapist with some 30 … He was the first hypnotist on TV, had his own 20-part series on SKY TV, and … 

Melbourne Hypnosis Experiment – May 2014

Melbourne Hypnosis Experiment/2 – May 2014

Psychology Conferences 2015

Natural Medicine Magazine – March 2016