If you love food but hate exercising, there’s an easy hypnotherapy treatment that will make a difference…

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Weight Loss Workshop

Leeds – Sunday 4 March 2018 – 2.30pm

With two of the best in the business – top UK hypnotist Andrew Newton and Harley Street psychotherapist Barrie St. John.

Places Limited! £99 – Early bird special: book before February 25th – £79. 

Please contact me on newtonhypnosis@gmail.com for tickets

Using a combination of Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and NLP, we will help you change your eating habits forever!

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is the world’s most successful, tried and tested hypnotherapy weight loss treatment. It sets easily achievable goals and is effortless – you just watch the pounds just fall away.

Hypnosis is 100% safe and works by changing habits and modifying attitudes for healthy weight loss. If you are really committed to losing weight, the Virtual Gastric Band will help you achieve your goals.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is a truly effective alternative to Gastric Band Surgery.

Obesity is often a psychological problem rather than a physical issue. The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis treatment involves a combination of a number of proven, psychological approaches and therapies. Each approach is underpinned by the other, resulting in a highly successful and permanent weight loss solution, suitable for women and men of all ages.

The programme is a step-by-step hypnotherapy treatment that guides you through successful weight loss – no starvation diet, no calorie counting, just a natural way of eating that helps you lose all your unwanted fat safely and steadily by making you feel fuller, quicker.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis works on an unconscious level, putting you more in tune with what your body really needs. You eat what you want, but you eat less and feel full quicker, so you can lose weight without even trying! 

Andrew Newton has nearly 40 years experience in hypnosis and taught Paul McKenna. He lectures on hypnosis at psychology conferences and training seminars in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India and is Principal Lecturer in Hypnosis at Europe’s premier hypnosis and EFT training school, Hypnoseakademiet, based in Oslo, Norway. Andrew Newton is an Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Barrie St. John is one of the UK’s top psychotherapists with practices in Harley Street and Lincolnshire. Barrie lectures at Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy seminars in the UK and South Africa. Barrie is a multi-modal therapist, professionally qualified in EMDR, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling and NLP. He has more than 15,000 client hours experience and over 20 years dedicated to studying and developing practical psychotherapy models. Together, we use a combination of hypnosis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), NLP and deep trance healing.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis has been reported in the following publications and radio/television programmes: GMTV, America’s ABC News Good Morning America, America’s CBS News Inside Edition, Australian Television Sunrise Programme, Good Housekeeping Magazine, Hello Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, Now Magazine, Reader’s Digest, The Sun Newspaper, The Sunday Mirror Newspaper, The Times Newspaper, Vogue Magazine, ITV Daybreak, Woman Magazine, The USA National Enquirer Magazine, The Daily Mail Newspaper, The Daily Express Newspaper, Psychologies Magazine, Natural Health Magazine, Lifetimes Magazine, Inside Out Health Magazine, Easy Living Magazine, The Daily Telegraph Newspaper, Chat Magazine, Best Magazine and BBC Radio 2.