Standing on your own two feet

Feeling Down, feeling depressed? Standing or sitting up straight can beat depression because posture has a direct impact on mood.             I’ve been saying it for years. Standing or sitting up straight really can improve you mood. Try this experiment: First, stand with your shoulder s hunched down, pull a…MORE


The subtle art of persuasion is something that has been honed to perfection over the last hundred thousand years. Persuasion is part of the way human beings learn to cooperate. It’s also a quality that comes naturally to those who enthusiastically pursue success and leadership, and it’s easy to master if you follow these simple…MORE

Dieting? Alcohol will make you hungrier…

We all know that alcohol contains sugar – something we need to avoid if you’re on a diet. But drinking alcohol, already high in calories, also makes you hungry, hence the success of the late-night kebab and offal shop… A pint of beer contains about 200 calories, a glass of red wine, 160 calories, and…MORE

Want to lose weight? Stay away from the gym!

Working out at the gym is more likely to make you put on weight! Sudden excessive fitness regimes, like crash diets make our metabolism go into survival mode. If you exercise for a few months and then relapse into a sedentary lifestyle you will actually put on more weight than if you hadn’t bothered in the…MORE

Taking hourly breaks will improve your life

Whatever you’re doing, taking a break for just 5 MINUTES every hour will refresh your mind, improve your mood, increase your energy levels, and even quash cravings for food. Spending hours a day sitting behind a desk is known to have consequences for your health, but scientists now say that just a five-minute walk could…MORE

Your Achy Breaky Heart

By using your head instead of your heart you can control how much you love someone – simply by focussing positive or negative thoughts about them. Behavioural and cognitive strategies can reignite a failing relationship and ease a broken heart. According to researchers at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and Erasmus University, Rotterdam, there are…MORE

Take a nap and improve your life!

Taking short daily naps can improve your life in so many ways! Humans are one of the few animals on this planet that only sleep at night. Most animals follow a polyphasic sleep cycle – they alternate between wakefulness and sleep several times during the 24 hour day. Unfortunately for us, the way our normal days…MORE

Managing your addictions

Eating, drinking, smoking, shopping, sex, social media, drugs or chocolate – addictive behaviour is something that can tempt the most saintly among us. Addictive behaviour comes in all forms and affects most people. Everyone on the planet has their own secret pleasure – it’s just that some people find it impossible to control! Addictive behaviour…MORE

Suffering from Insomnia? Probably not…

I get a lot of clients who tell me they suffer from insomnia. They can get to sleep but wake up in the middle of the night and lie awake for what seems like an age before they finally nod off again. They want me to hypnotise them to sleep right through. This I cannot…MORE

The negative side of positive thinking

I am a pessimist. Being a pessimist has made me happier because I am never disappointed. If I experience feelings of optimism I push them to the back of my mind because when things turn out better than I expected, I feel even happier. My life is happy because I am not encumbered by false…MORE