Twelve books you must read

  These books will change the way you see and think about the world…   LIFE ASCENDING – The Ten Great Inventions Of Evolution Nick Lane   The Biology of Belief Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D.   The Emperor‘s New Drugs – Exploding the Antidepressant Myth Irving Kirsch   THE MYTH OF REPRESSED MEMORY: False Memories and…MORE

The End of Free Speech

I used to know everything. That was when I was 16. Now I’m all grown up, I realize that I know fuck all about anything really, except my own rather narrow specialist subject and some other stuff I’ve learned over the years. One of the things I’ve learned is that disagreement can become vicious, especially…MORE

Little Words Trump Big Words

As the competition for the White House approaches its inevitable conclusion, there is a detail that has escaped our attention, a detail that needs explanation, a detail that is vital for our understanding of the human condition. Trump may be loud and offensive, he may even be a bigot, but he’s no fool. Remember six…MORE

Rock, Paper, Scissors

It’s one of those games that can become addictive. Like gambling, it’s almost impossible to stop unless you’re ahead. For most people, rock, paper, scissors was the first competitive game they ever played. Rock, paper, scissors is a uniquely simple game – with its high frequency of play, results come fast. A lot of players…MORE

The Well of Profundity Runs Dry

The whacky world of therapy is full of really useful stuff – stuff that can turn people’s lives around. But nestling among the roses are the unmistakeable weeds of quackery and charlatanism. Among the chief offenders is the well known and much feted Deepak Chopra, a bullshit artist of note who once famously claimed to…MORE

To buy or not to buy…

Read this Article NOW! and we’ll include an extra, added, complimentary, bonus, FREE gift… a unique, fabulous, environmentally friendly, hand-made, designer, luxury, prestige, classic, de luxe, high-quality, premium, select, zero emissions, gourmet pen, with combination lighter, magnifying glass, torch and FM radio, beautifully presented in a genuine, scientifically proven, imitation leather style case with real…MORE

New Blair, Old Stalin

The fact that governments have always used suggestion to exercise power is nothing new. At the start of the 21st Century however, that form of suggestion is getting less subtle, not more. Here we look at how two very different dictators manage it.    I left the United Kingdom and moved to South Africa the…MORE

Trusting the Judges

It is a proud feature of our system of English law that guilt or innocence is ultimately decided by a jury of twelve citizens – not by judges or lawyers, but by twelve ordinary people who use their experience of life and their own common sense to reach a verdict, after due deliberation and discussion….MORE

Neuro Linguistic Poppycock – Part 2

The Origins of NLP         NLP originated in California during the early 1970’s and is certainly a product or at the very least a hangover from the flower power era when all wished to be one with nature and at peace with a nuclear-free tree-hugging world. The name most often associated with the creation of NLP…MORE

Neuro Linguistic Poppycock – Part 1

The Truth about NLP I am not here to bury Caesar but to praise him. So before attempting to bury or praise a whole list of alternative therapies, I should first of all make it clear that I am pretty well going to stick to the psychology based therapies. First, if only for the sake…MORE